Cc2017 - Hellsticks Entry by Hellstick

I realize this is like 70kb over the limit, and that I edited a few instruments that i weren’t supposed to according to the rules (they were copied before i edited them and have been placed in a seperate folder named “DO NOT EDIT”). I asked star for permission for this and he agreed. This does not mean the rules for the collab have changed and you should ask him for permission if you want to do something simmilar for your part. Cheers!


Last section feels like it’s missing a backing chord of some sorts; measures 458-471 are amazing (wouldn’t it be nice if notessimo had reverb). Lead line should be louder for sure.

Hell yes reverb would be amazing!

this addition is super lit

how can i enter this?

its kinda late, but maybe star will let you in, idk though

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