chromatic notes and harmonizing

I’m working on this piece that is basically woodwinds, brass, and percussion. In part of the song where it transitions to a new key, I want the woodwinds to have a chromatic run down.two beats before the key change.

[rest] [rest] 3 e + a 4 e + a |1
[rest] [rest] C# C B A# A G# G F# |F

That’s basically how it’s gonna look.
Now, should I have all the woodwinds be playing the same notes above, or should there be harmony with the chromatic notes?
What would you suggest?
intervals or fourths?

It would help if we had the piece to refer to but in general, fast chromatic passages like the one you’re considering are just sound effects and need no harmony. I don’t quite understand the “intervals or fourths” question—fourths are a kind of interval.

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yeah. It goes by really quickly so I think I can get away with no harmonizaition

man, i really wanna post this song…


EDIT NO. 2: The chromaticism is at the very end of what I have done

EDIT NO. 3: in response to qoby, I was wondering if I were to use fourths… if that was the case to use the harmonization.
EDIT NO. 4: When the trumpet melody gets played again after that short interlude back to C major, I am putting in woodwinds with trilly stuff, fast and short passages, etc.


Chromatic bit should sound okay with 4ths, but for the chord on the 1, make it a 5th.

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