Free Bird V3 Standard Final

Free Bird V3 Standard now complete.

1/4/24 Better vocal instruments with some tweaks. Fixed note issues in Slide guitar, and all 3 guitar solo tracks. Snare drum and bass guitar volume adjustments. Filled in Rhythm and acoustic guitar gap with 16ths on bar 1 on Guitar solo sheets 1, 2, and 3.

1/6/24 More twaeks to guitar solo. Made the whole solo part a little more faster at 153bpm

When the Parity update comes out, there will be a V4 enhanced version of this cover.


I’m hearing a lot of flat 7 notes throughout the arrangement that I feel should be nat 7s, particularly in the V chords.
I respect your dedication to the craft, good hustle.

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You’re talking about the rhythm guitar chords in the choruses and guitar solo? I put those together by ear based on the chords on a real guitar that I know how to play and there’s a YouTube guitar tutorial on Free Bird for the rhythm.

Maybe they’re supposed to slide into the 1, I’m not sure. Clearly you know the song better than I do.

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I agree, there are a few notes in the song that sound out of tune.

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As of 1/4/24 all of the issues are fixed. And it sounds better too.

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Oh no, I lost the lead guitars in the Bolero section in the Ending part! They were there in the last update!