Help plz! Cannot use the player :(

That… I cannot listen to songs here.

At least i can compose, but is not the same


do you have flash player installed?

Maybe that’s the reason.

Idk much about technology

That might be because you need to enable the flash player inside chrome, does it works on Firefox? Hopefully I’ll have the beta ready next week for the new website with the HTML5 player, so this shouldn’t be a problem anymore (but I’ll try to find a fix).

What browser / operating system are you using?

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I’m having the same problem. The forum is acting weird for me as well. Using firefox with an up to date version of Flash. It happens in chrome as well.


Alright, will look into it, I can’t replicate the problem, but I’ll try to find a way

When you see the empty player, could you post the output of the Chrome console? (F12)

Sorry about the delay.

I Don’t use firefox, but I can use the player on Microsoft Edge.

Any way

That was the reason!

Thank you star!!!

Nice! That won’t be an issue anymore with the new player being made with OpenFL (has HTML5 output + native mobile)

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