How to share your songs [2015]

Here’s how to share your songs:

  1. In the program, go to File > Save as…

  2. Choose a name for your song. Save it as a .note file. (Eg “song.note”)

  3. Go here, and pick a category.

  4. Click “Add Song” and enter your song details.

  5. Choose your saved .note file, and click “Save”.



great man… I knew how but thats awsome

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OH, That’s how! Thanks! :D
I was keep pressing the share button but then it didn’t work. :|

fair warning. When you try to upload your song and it says The file you attempt to upload is invalid: (type of file), do the following steps.

1: first log in of course.
2: Go to where you saved your song.
3: Right click the file and re-name it.
4: out down this - (song name).note - Since the computer is very smart, it can also read any type of file. So putting down (.note) in the end of your music file, your computer will be able to change the file type to .note AKA notessimo’s file type.
5: After re-naming, try to re-upload again and there you go! (rnote)

P.S: Do not do this to any other file but your music file you are trying to upload. If you do this to any other file, you will mess up that file and that file will never be able to run again. :| :oops:

Well, if you change the extension back to the original one then the file will be playable again, the extension doesn’t change any of the actual file other than the name.

But, yes, changing the extension to .note will not automatically make notessimo able to read the file

Thanks Nuse. :) Oh and, that Oprah Bees thing is SO FUNNY!

Pssh, I showed him that image in Chatzy.

It’s true he did. And somehow I managed to find it in my browser’s history after it had been cleared on many occasions.

THANK YOU! You have saved my life and have now been immortalized by awesomeness.

You’re welcome. First time I’ve been immortalized!

i want the old share way back

[quote=“Timothy_Verbist, post:11, topic:849”]
i want the old share way back
[/quote]yeah. i want to post my old songs on here.(i found them with the old compose)


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Uh … that’s the address of a file on your computer, only you can see it.

You have to upload it to the internet. Here is an easy site!

thanks this was very helpful when i posted my first song. (rock) I love this site, it totally rocks HARD CORE!!! (rock) (pdrum)

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We are now 2013, but we still have to share our songs on the 2012 way!

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