How to Shrink a Notessimo File Below the 10 MB Upload Limit

Works in Standard and Legacy


That is realy fucking smart! Will probably come in handy sooner or later.
Also thanks for using Viperfish as the background music!:slight_smile:


That’s super useful; hopefully i won’t need to do it though haha

(I pinned the thread btw)

that’s really clever!

[quote=“Hellstick, post:2, topic:1360”]Also thanks for using Viperfish as the background music! :)[/quote]Automatically brought a smile to my face. #Blargformod2016

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This trick does not work if any samples or instruments are added.

Intrestingly enough, it worked for me.

After testing it with your “Metal Pedal Medal [Extended Mix]” song, I see no difference in sound… If you send me the file that was originally too large, I could test it on that.

I no longer have the original file as it was overwritten, but it definitely failed with the hit the road jack error.

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