How to use spoilers

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Like this kiddies xP

EVERYONE... see all the edit buttons right above what your writing? (When your composing an comment) scroll over the first one (The highest to the left) then go 2 buttons over...(its like a blue box with a green bar going horizontally through it, and when your arrow is over it it will say "Special BBCode") click it.... then click the drop down arrow under "BBCode"... read them, find the word spoiler... click it... then right what you want in the box bellow (it says above the box you write in "Enter text to be masked"! =D. then press ok! and it will put, whatever you wrote, as a spoiler!


I did. They obviously didn't understand when you said anything in the other threads, so I thought i'd take the time out of my life to help the community. So I wrote a few different ways of how to use spoilers in case one way didn't work, because that one way wasn't working, obviously.

Yellow, select the text down below. Copy that, reply to this thread, then paste it. Do nothing else. Then submit it.

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yeah! like George,Nuseline & i did


Sorry for the caps, you didn't reply to me the first time.

You should should have told them clearly. I edited in the easy way at the top so people wouldn't have to read through paragraphs of irrelevant information and badly laid out/confusing instructions.

Sorry for arguing with you. I still love you!

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I never knew how this was done. I should have guessed it was like the quoting thing...

I actualy thought Sonfaxes book of information was more useful. Everytime I tried to manual type in a code it doesn`t work. I found using the code box more helpful =L.

Sorry Sonfax I overreacted D: I feel bad about what I said. I just thought it was a bit long-winded.

I don't know how you could have trouble with it, but anyway.

It's okay, Nuse! I noticed how the regular spoiler tags didn't work, so I thought i'd give a few examples on what spoilers should be used for, then a few different ways on how to actually use them.

Yellowtail, using spoilers is easy:

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like this!

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YAY i can do it nao

Next lesson: Coding a binary tree in C++.


if we still practice that it is than very easy

Of course.

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[img] Headexplode.gif[ /img]

its meant to my Metal Seas


He's trying to use this:

Little does he know, I use it against him because his posts hurt my brain.



1) Don't post more than twice consecutively.
2) Don't make useless posts that don't have anything to do with the original posting of the thread.

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My second post was relevant >.<

Sure, but you double posted, which I had to fix.

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