every time i try uploading my song, i get a screen saying there’s an error with the database and i need to refresh, then i get a screen telling me i don’t have permission to post so i should contact an admin. AND THEN i can’t contact the admin because the way the link is coded doesn’t work with my computer. and now i’m posting about it here and I NEED HELP

Right now, everyone’s having this problem. It’s happened before, we just have to wait for the owner, Starburst, to notice that there’s a problem and fix it.

Last time, it happened when the CC2017 was updated, since the file was getting so large, but I don’t know what’s going on now. Someone has already sent Starburst a PM, it’s only a matter of time until it’s fixed.


oh, thank god

It happens to me aswell, it makes me throw my computer through the window!

Ja. Ik wil mijn computer ook uit het raam gooien, Timothy

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It happened to me too. Right after I finished my Sweet Home Alabama 4th update.

I’m having this problem right now, but I saw that some people posted some songs today so I thought it would work. Is it just me? I really wanted to put up the cover I made today…

It happens to me too!

i have a nifty cover of ready to die that i can’t post because of this

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