Rate the Signature!

There is no button to click on your sig even though is says “click this button” and I dont understand it really 2/10

10/10 Because it’s simply amazing.

8/10 because the image can’t be displayed for the moment.
Also the meme reference.

And @George I don’t understand why my signature says click this button if it is a picture. I guess the picture is considered a button?


Is it just me or does the one in my signature not update? (lol I gave myself an internet :P )

Yeah, it updates.

Uhm… 3/10

Ouch! I ran into your wall.


Just kidding.

It’s simple but I like it.

But what the heck is with the koalas?

Can’t wait to hear the song!

Looks like Clip art >_> I loathe clip art.

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10/10 Epic.

9/10 I like carrots!!

0/10. This is a signature thread, not an avatar thread. You don’t have a signature.

8/10 needs more brocookie.


let’s hope whatever that is doesn’t run into the wall or off the wall!

9/10 What will you rate my music?

Timothy, this is the Signature thread. 0/10. You don’t have one.

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9/10 for the galloping green llama.

Edit: I mean Bunchie :P

8.5/10 Very artistic and an intriguing comic.

7/10 Oh the indignity, how can i do a signature? :( :( :( :(

It’s make a signature. Go here.

Nuse??? you have no sig… still yours is atleast a 5/10 always… xP

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