Something About Us ~ Daft Punk by Interstella 5555

Fixed Bass*


i still want to collab

see if I care.

Would you make a cover of Archigram’s “Carnaval”?
(By the way, I love your cover ;-))

yo could i use this in somethin about me? heheheheheh get it?!?!?!? no, but really, can I use this in something (i.e. just a small game)? i’ll give creditz and a link to this page
edit just went to aliens profile page and noticed something “P.S: if you want to use my music in something, PM me first.” -Aliens
so, ignore this

My reply: It’s a cover of a copyrighted song, by law I cannot allow you to use it.

edit: I mean it’s fine as long as you’re not making money off it without their permission

I love it. :smiley:

Criticism: the keyboard chords could have been a little louder. Also, the synth guitar before the verse could have been a little softer.

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