Story Time!

I wanted to start up another story created by you guys!
In your post you can add up to three sentences.
Let’s Begin!

It was eight in the morning and I was sleeping in my bed. I hear a loud noise outside but don’t bother to get up.

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My dog jumps off of my bed and trots to the window. Barely awake, i glance up to see what he was doing. In the window I saw 2-3 figures in black.

From this distance it was hard to tell, but it seemed as if the one on the left was holding something. As they drew closer I realized what it was, and my face grew pale.

The one on the left was holding a sign that read, “you gonna get raped” Then, I was knocked out by chloroform.

When I came to, I found myself in a dark room. The air was filled with a revolting smell, and there was little room to move. I realized I was stuffed inside a trunk.

I banged on the roof of the trunk really hard for about a minute before I realized there were random objects scattered around me: a hammer, some papers with blood on them, a saw and jumper cables. I try to move my hands around so I could grab them.

But then I realized my hands were just bloody stumps. I scream in agony, but nobody hears.

The car comes to s sudden stop. The men come out of the car, open the trunk, and then drag me into an abandoned warehouse. Inside, I see shelves covered with tarps, in which i presume dead bodies are there.

As I am seated on the floor, they hold my jaw open and force-feed me unknown pills.

These pills start to make me hallucinate. I see a rainbow of colors, and in the sea of colors I see a man on a… horse? Without a head… with a sword… coming right for me! I scream in terror, “Make it STOP!” One of the men slaps me so hard I black out.

after what seems like an eternity i wake up sweating super hard. I find myself in the warehouse which had been on fire for a good hour. Upon hearing news that poliece were going to capture them, the men in black set the place on fire and fled.

I then went and ate goats.


The heat from the fires gets more intense as it approaches me. I really need to find a way to get out. I see windows near the roof, but the fire would engulf me if I try to get to them.

I take one of the dead bodies and use it as a heat shield as I run towards the exit. I run outside to firemen and police officers who see me with the dead body in hand. Without any word spoken, the police officers accuse me of murder and take me away.

A couple weeks after my imprisonment, the cops bring me in for interrogation. They ask me questions about the warehouse, the fire, and the bodies inside.

From being knocked out, I only remembered some of the facts. “There were a couple of men in black clothing that knocked me out and took me to this warehouse. They then beat me so hard that i woke up to the fire in the building. I don’t know what happened in between” I said.


One of the first responders had heard someone yelling “NO COME BACK WITH MY GOATS! I’M HUNGRY! BAAAA BAAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAAAA!” and laughed way too hard and forgot to get you. We all forgot. We thought you were demon possessed and didn’t want in on any of that trouble, Either that or you were crazy drunk. nonetheless you’re here on murder charges and a possible life sentence.

Papyus then comes to me and force feeds me spaghetti which makes me black out. I wake up in Snowdin with Sans watching me.

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