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Aww there are so many animals I want to be.

I have the greatest Signature ever.

Yes, yes you do.

Lol, what?

Cartrox, you’re back again.

I do believe you forgot the second in front of the word greatest.

Why, yes.
New challenge: go to me thread.

Challenge considered…


[quote=“Austin, post:48, topic:844”]
I do believe you forgot the second in front of the word greatest.[/quote]

Yes well didn’t I show you the bees gif, so I get half of the credit c:

Also I don’t get your Bulbasaur one.


I’m chewin’ on ma hair, ye shold let yer hair gro’

I wish “spam about stuff” wasn`t locked. =C

You can basically spam here. Just don’t post too much or the post monsters will devour your computers and regurgitate it in your pants.

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You can spam insightful conversations here if you so wish.

So I was driving on the highway going to my friend’s house with some other friends in the car. I didn’t know that I had to get off this exit. The highway was 4 lanes. It split into 2 2 lane highways. This lady was in the left most lane of the right part of the split and I was in the right most lane of the left part. I had to be in the right part. Only way to get there was to cut in front of her. This lady was going 80. She flips me off, speeds in front of me, and throws 3 cups filled with questionable liquids out her window, at my car. DAFUQ.

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At least it wasn’t answerable liquid.


This. So many times this.

You win the internet nuse.

i miss the old VTM Logo :(

“…Off the record, unnamed government sources alluded to unsubstantiated innuendos about alleged indiscretions and insinuated that they are rumored not to be without basis for further speculation…”

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