The creepiest post

Write the creepiest post, creepiest post wins!

(Make sure it stays within the forum rules)

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Stop spamming.

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You are spamming.

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I’m not doing anything against the rules


Don’t do stupid things like i did in 2012 & 2013!

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But this is just a game to see who can write the creepiest post


[quote=“Zachary_West, post:9, topic:1388”][quote=“Zachary_West, post:7, topic:1388”]
write the creepiest post
'scuse me. it wasn’t in the original post so…

You’re disqualified.

your parents are out with your friend’s parents. Your siblings are gone as well. so you’re the only one home. you hear voices coming from the basement that sound like your siblings. they are asking about getting a soda. you go down, forgetting that they are gone. you see nothing. you immediately hear noises from upstairs that sound like your siblings asking to watch a movie. you go up. you see nothing and think everything is fine. Later, you go downstairs for a while to do laundry. you hear voices upstairs and you don’t do a thing about them.After five minutes the voices stop. you go upstaris to find your siblings’ dead bodies lying on the ground. (They had come home while you were downstairs). you yell “WHAT THE …” and then your head gets chopped off.
the end

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