The "My pineapple!" game

I anticipated your switching of the pineapple with a fake one, so I switched them earlier and now you end up with the fake one and I still have the real one.

I cast a smokescreen across the scene, causing you to cough and try to fan the smoke away, whilst I swipe the pineapple out of your hands and flee the scene.

you run into an invisible wall, then the pineapple flies into the air, hits an airplane, bounces on a car in the horizon, goes down an elevator in a nearby mall, rides in a shopping cart, then rolls to me.

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Kicks the pineapple up in the air and catches it before it reaches carrot…

uhhh… I have the pinaple! xD

please noob. You couldn’t even if you tried to snatch the pinneapple. I took it from you while standing on my tippy toes.

i pushed you so you lost your threw the pineapple into my arms.

That was a decoy pineapple runs away with the pineapple

you don’t look where you are running and fall off a drop it, and i catch it at the bottom.

I fly in a plane and watch you!! then I d

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Let me finish uber’s setence: ie and I never got the pineapple.

By finishing the setence I look up and a pineapple falls on my head from a pineapple tree! what a coinsidence!

An old man with a beard asked me to steal the pineapple and destroy it. So I steal it and now I’m on my way to Russia to destroy it…

I hijack your plane and parachute out with the pineapple.

One problem though… You forgot the pineapple! Ciao!

I steer the plane towards a building,I jump out of the plane just as it crashes into it.

Turns out it’s a haunted plane, so I fly right though the building without touching it!

But the pineapple falls out of the plane, falling into a toilet in the haunted mansion, sending it spiraling down the sewer, up a manhole into my hands just standing in front of the manhole >:)

I kick you down the manhole Spartan-style and take the pineapple.

I tap yor shoulder, you look back, then I snatch the pineapple out of your hands and sprint towards the train station nearby

But the train runs you over and I salvage the pineapple from your mangled carcass.

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