Would You Rather...?

Okay, so you start off with “Would you rather” and then you say two choices.

And then TPBY would answer your would you rather question. Then they would ask a would you rather question.

You can not pass or say ‘neither’ or ‘both.’

Here, I’ll start off:

Would you rather whisper or shout for the rest of your life?


Would you rather spread butter or jam on your toast?

Would you rather play guitar like i do?

No, no, no, Timothy! You have to choose one of Nuse’s questions.

And your question has to have two choices. Please read the rules.


Would you rather eat nails, or wood?


Would you rather play Piano or Guitar?

Piano. I already play it. In fact, I have a lesson tomorrow!

Would you rather not be able to speak, or only shout your thoughts?

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look in my spoiler

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only shout them!!!

Would you rather buy a Double Neck guitar or a Vibraphone?

Vibraphone, I play it.

Would you rather be ugly and have everyone like you, or be good-looking and have everyone hate you?

be ugly and have everyone like you for the win!

Would you rather live in a Skyscraper or in a Castle?

Skyscraper, it would help me with my fear of heights.

Would you rather eat a rotten banana, or a rotten apple?

Rotten banana, they’re mushy already.

Would you rather make a lift come faster by pressing the button more or have automatic control of the armrest at the movies?

Make a lift come faster by pressing the button more.

Would you Rather listen to Heavy Metal or to Classical?


WYR chop off your leg or chop off your mother’s?

I have respect for my mother… and her legs.

So I would rather chop off my leg.

WYR jump off a cliff, or get hit by a car?

Jump off a cliff, seems less painful.

WYR eat nothing with bread or only bread?

Only bread. I do it all the time

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But aren’t those choices meaning the same thing?

WYR 7@|k |1k3 7#15 0|| 7#3 1||73|-||37 |=0r 7#3 |-357 0|= Y0|_||- |_1|=3, or every 5 seconds a;sdofj;oasiwej you would a;woehf;aoweif type random a;oijweo;aijf;aowe letters wo;iefja;soijfaw into your awef;oawiejf;w keyboard?

Oh, no I meant would you rather never eat bread or always eat bread.

I would rather type aiufhpaeufh;aifvrh random letti9a0jfpi9asjrs in my keuhaplhpaboard every five seca;ioerjiconds.

WYR only be able to post songs or post comments/forum posts?

Oh! I see. :3

Then I would rather never eat bread.
I could get bored of bread. And then I would go crazy!

Only post comments/forum posts. All the way.

WYR only be able to post in one thread, or post on only one song?

Post on a thread.
Would you rather be burned or frozen to death

frozen to death.
WYR drink coke or pepsi?

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