Wusup doods, it’s me again! wait, who? D;
I’m GloomBerry, most of people here knows me as Dolce or -Newbie-.
Former Youtube Commentator, Game Specialist and Troller.

If you are curious, click ‘spoiler’ in each part to see more. It may not be complete, but that’s enough you you doods to know.

Who is GloomBerry?

[details=Click to expand] Many may not know, I actually played alot of games with over thousand of youtube videos. Due to certain issues concerning me and my relationship with CEF buddies and being accused of being a game fraud, I decided to leave my old accounts since May 2012. Some might know me but I won’t talk about it anymore further.
I also left 7 out of the 12 online forum communities concerning this, I still visit others where I moderate 2 of them.[/details]

Games I used to play

[details=Click to expand]Sorry can’t Input it all but here are some, you may notice that I sold and gave some accounts to other players… if you ask me, probably I already forgot those other accounts and passwords but I do still have a picture collection over my old FB (where the issue started).

Steam (Old Account)
Counter Strike: 1.6 | CZ
CoD: MW3 | Black Ops
L4D: Original | 2
Team Fortress 2
~2 others [FPS]

Ragnarok: Ph | SEA | 2 SEA
MU: NA (given)
GrandCase: Korea | Ph
Rakion: Ph (sold)
Gunbound: Ph | US (forgotten)
O2 Jam Ph (Beta, forgotten)
Freestyle - Street Basketball: Ph | SEA
Audition Ph (beta, sold)
Osu! (Old account)
~8 others [3 FPS and 5 MMORPG] (sold)
World of Warcraft (Sold)

PC (This is long since I played a lot of games here’s a few)
Assassin’s Creed 1~2 (before I played 3)
Bookworm Series
some Mystery Games
some Casual Games

Console and Arcade
Resident Evil 1~4
Wangan Midnight 1~3 [banapassport] (haven’t played 4)
Tekken [banapassport]
Pokemon GB~NDS
Yugioh GB~NDS
Mario GB|Wii|NDS
Zelda GB|NDS
~others can’t count

AE - AQWorlds (Beta w/ starsword, given away)
AE - Adv.Quest (guardian, given)
AE - DragonFable (beta, given)
Jagex - Runescape 2 (premium, sold)
Brick Force
TinierMe US (shutdown)
Siftheads: Street Wars (shutdown)
~3 others [2 Zombie Game Unity and a FPS] [/details]

Connect with me!
Here are some links to my social media. These are new so don’t expect me to put in my old ones…
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