Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen


I know that. It’s just that the rehersal is from the GH Studio from GH5.

In this situation, the “Female Vox” Would make the song sound more realistic from where Freddy sang so high.

My mind has been blown. O_O

Spectacular Job! :smiley:

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It sounds good already. -__-

Just beautiful! Even if you used the female voice for Freddie.


It really isn’t there are many errors with it. The real piano was a whole octave lower, maybe even two. The voices were not THAT high, just high. Also the metal guitar would have been a lot more fit out for the metal PART. Not to mention the drum parts are off in some places, and the bass and drums are staccato on everything and they could used a better bass, this has potential to be 10 times better than it is.


I agree! That’s why I’m replacing the Female Vox #1 w/ the Male Vox #1 and adding the Reverse Cymbal #1. And I’m going to…nevermind. O~O btw I will start doing Freddie Mercury singing, “Any way the wind blows,” so V2 of Bohemien Rhapsody should be finished in less than a month, so see u then! :slight_smile:

OK, so the song’s being delayed 'cause of the following: Firstly, me and my family went to Pismo Beach last weekend. (Or to be more precice, the Oceano Dunes) Secondly, one of my friends from elementry school, Chase, is coming to my house next weekend to sleep over. And thirdly, I’m only at the ballad of the song. I’m setting a due date for 5/28/2014. Thats 3 new moons away according to my calander, so I think that’ll give me enough time! CU!

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Great song, it really needs five stars!

Impressive, he was 7 when he made this