Job suggestions?

That’s minimum wage in New York as of January 1, 2012, but it’s supposed to have changed during 2013. Anymore job suggestions?

I’m gonna apply for a local amusement park job for a summer job.

nice. what does the job entail?

free grease, tears, and mini powdered donuts


Idk yet. Whatever they want me to do i guess.

Become a notessimo maestro…

It’s REALLY difficult to make a living off of producing music. The same goes for producing other types of art (painting, photography, ect.)

Not all jobs are going to offer you just minimum wage. They wouldn’t get any workers if they did that.

Do research about a job you are applying to, don’t apply not knowing what you are applying for.
Don’t get a job that you don’t want to work at. And even if you don’t like the job after working for a while, don’t make a big deal of it around your fellow workers.

Making a resume:

In a job interview:
Keep eye contact. (unless if you are in a phone interview)
Be confident about yourself. Don’t say “I think.”
Practice an interview before going in. The more confident you are, the better.
Prepare an “Elevator Speech”
Ask them about how you can contact them.
End it off with a firm handshake. (unless if you are in a phone interview)

Some things I think are important when you have a job:
Calling. If you can’t make it in, call in.
Return calls.
Let them know in advance about changes in schedule (vacation, school, children, ect.)
Show up.

I would say more, but just searching online will give you loads of tips for getting and keeping job.

Just saw this like a year later

Sorry, didn’t mean to be inconsiderate