Rock Thread (Original)

We’re really bad about going off on random tangents on this forum. Not that this is a particularity bad thing… I’m finding all of this information invaluable…

So anyway, learn to use sharps and flats

TECHNO vs ROCK 2!!! It was a really slow intro. Sorry. Also, if you have bad speakers, the song might clip a bit. Oh and I accidentally set the instrument volume to 300% when I made this. You might wanna turn it down a bit

absolutely Fudging outstanding!!!



woah, my head hurts lol

really old song that i just recovered!

A random something-or-other than happened to predominantly feature guitars. Warning: Drums almost go ape shit insane after the first slow down, hence why the tempo is low. If you wish to hear the way the song was supposed to be, set the tempo to 115-120.

good at the start then went ape Scheiße near the end lol

Eh, it’s what happens when I start the drumline and go from there one day, then start with the guitar line and go from there the next. Coherency is thrown out the window.

The only thing I found that was wrong with that is that you’re using quarter notes for almost every note… that makes it sound worse than it probably should.

Yeah. I already started mixing it up with the notes, despite my computer’s best efforts to wipe away my will to even come to press the power button. I have an unfinished rock piece I put up, after having to rewrite once, that sorta demonstrates further experiments with Notessimo. I believe I got the basics of everything down, save panning. I’m still messing with that some. Probably gonna incorporate it in a stitched on intro or something.

But yes, bladdy bladdy blah. Forgive the sloppiness of my first few submissions. They’re “first week of exposure” tests.~

You really remind me of Hypo. Seriously, are you guys related in any way?

If so, I’m sure we’re both oblivious of the relation.

You just HAD to tempt me.
Well, fine. This isn’t a cover, so I’m not gonna embed it.
This is my song Accident-al. And it started with THAT COMMENT you made, like, subliminaly.

Has fun.

EA and Hypo use WAY too many big words.


It’s about time we ended this charade, eh EA? Yes, we are related. I’ve been trying to get him to join up for some time now. We are the twin offspring of the noteworthy American composer David Belmont and an English major/grammar nazi, hence the loquacity. I know this should go in the “Show Yourself” topic, but here’s EA and I at our father’s most recent performance.

Hm, I see… looks like you two are having… fun? lol (That wasn’t cool )

Yes that was a very interesting pic. I didn’t expect you guys to look like R…

please stop the rickroll its getting to me.