Tempo And How To Use It

Yeah 7/8 seems quite cool. I might try it. 8/8 is really exactly the same as 4/4. No point in using it. And fish,

Well it depends. I’ll assume you mean the beats. Time sigs are related to maths fractions, so as 4/4 = 8/8 in maths, they are the same speed in music.

Ok. I think I will just stick to n/4 time sigs when I write my songs (usually 4/4).

Yes I think that would be best.


Ok, can someone help me on this, its a song I want to put of here, but theits 7/8 key signature and 126 tempo… very… frustrating…

Well, you can next do it in a few different ways. You can put seven 8th notes/quavers in a bar like thus (and halve the tempo):


Or you can multiply the note lengths by seven and have the tempo at 441. The advantage to this is that copying/pasting and duplicating sheets are easier.

Or I could be doing this all wrong. Let’s hope not.

I figured it out, 126x4.5=567, so the 8th notes are multiplied by the same number, 4.5, giving me 36, and there was a quarter note at the end so multiply that by 4.5 gives me 72, but at the very end, theres a 32nd rest, but I can’t hear it but I see it, due to the very high speed in tempo. Thanks for trying to help though.

Well I was just stating the basic ways.

User 1:Multiply your pace with 4, now you can write in 3 / 4, 5 / 4, and most other time signatures. if you can multiply by 8 (only tempos below 125) you can write in 7 / 8 and other odd tempos
USE 2:metal guitar sounds better when, at a high rate and duration of the lower notes (this information is pretty useless unless you use the guitar fast metal 16th (I do this (too stubborn to leave metal only)))
Usage 3:perfect triplets, triple the tempo to multiply all the lengths of the notes were triplet 3 and all within the triplet are twice the value of a triplet.

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I don’t understand all this multiply tempo by 4 stuff. How can I change my tempo in middle of a song? I started with something slow, but I want to speed it up. I have no idea how to change it. The thing at the bottom right changes the tempo for everything, I tried changing it in different layers and different sheets, but it changes the tempo for all sheets.

Well you can have different tempos on different sheets, like sheet 0 could be 120 bmp and sheet 1 could be 140 bmp.