1,000,000 measures; Tempo=1. *Weird time display right before 8949* by Unknown

To be exact, the time glitch starts at 35791:23:19. I wonder how long it will take to load. Oh yeah, it’s also the longest song in Notessimo history. Too bad it will probably get deleted for taking up 29KB of space (about the size of a 30 second MP3 [Approximately slightly smaller than the average MIDI]). This just made me realize how small .note files are compared to .mp3 files.

EDIT: now it’s 100x longer. It’s definitely getting deleted now. Oddly enough, it’s 4KB smaller than it used to be.

It’s not a song, it’s just a C
Also, why am I finding it comes back to the beginning so often. The end is so near.
It’s actually glitching right before 8949, the end of measure 8948.
Max time notessimo can hold before 0-x:0-y:0-z is 35791:23:89. Wondering how we got 89 seconds.

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First view was THEFinalBoss insulting my presentation. This was just to show that there was a glitch when the “song” was too long.

add more sheet "0"s.

You know, as you continue scrolling to the side, it looks like the organs are going backwards and not forwards… Sort’ve like that effect with car wheel or something…

i don’t want to try to play it bc slow computer um

God, only quite patient people who don’t exist can hear the whole post :stupid:

1,000,000 measures lol

Bloody Hell!