1.sharps and flats not working AND 2.spacebar problem

1.when I set the note legnth to whole, I cannot put a note sharp or flat.(and i AM pressing shift and control).
2. i think space is meant for hearing what a note sounds like. It’s not working for me. sometimes it starts the song…

great. the first one works now.

Are you using fullscreen mode?


Resize the window or refresh/reload the page.

theh sharps and flat problem only works for notes longer than breve or longa. I forget which one.

it even happens to me


  • Oh. My. God… I’ve never used the spacebar thing out of my entire life using notessimo ;A;
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Yeah I found out about it quite late too.

Don’t worry, I found out about it a month ago, and I’ve been on here 2 1/4 years!

I fix the spacebar glitch by minimizing and going back to the window.

for some reason i can’t make C flat.

Yeah, no

C flat, B sharp, F flat or E sharp!

I consider those notes non-existent. On the chromatic scale, B and C are a half-step apart, likewise with E and F.

The world doesn’t consider them to exist. China considers them a note because they have a flat/sharp sound to their music. I think there are a few other places that use the same style.

Well they do exist, for instance the Gb major scale is G♭, A♭, B♭, C♭, D♭, E♭, and F.

The scales confuse my minds…



never knew about this

holy bananas

thanks a bunch

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