11/15/2012 story by meh

Sheets 0 to 4 are Lets go to School
Sheet 5 is School
Sheet 6 is Prepare for walking to graveyard :huh:
Sheet 7 is Graveyard
Sheets 8 to 11 are back to School (credit to The Zaxx for sheet 10)
Sheets 12 to 13 are Actuality with Today about kings
Sheet 14 is read A book (rnote)
Sheet 15 is Eating bird nests :cool:
Sheets 16 to 17 are The Wheater (credit to Kabob340 for the Heat Effect)
Sheets 18 to 20 are Working on Smelltubes :???:
Sheets 21 to 23 are Lets go home :|

Did you just follow your own song?

He does it to everything.

I can see that you put a lot of work into this but it is the same as all the other stuff you compose…

11/15/2012 story
I made a really crappy song so I wanted to post it so I made a story to it so I made up really bad writing skills and made it like the last 300 times then I made the same thing repeat 20 times so I made a non-offbeat drum beat that sounds really bad then added some bells then I let it repeat then more bells then drums again for another 50 minutes then some clavinet then stop and then a huge sound and some orchestra hits then a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot of bells that gradually get louder and more annoying and then a bad transition to random steel drums that get boring fast with two notes then some really bad bass drum then some snare and then a random trumpet oh wait more drums please then ill add the trumpet again and repeat it boringly oh a chord now marimba shit i hit a note early lets go low now some random bottles of nice then some spacey spacey spacey spacey spacey spacey then some accordion then a fucking annoying cymbal then some more clavinet woohoo then repeat then strat with overlapping chords and then keeps going on then piano thats really sucky and then high low piano contradiction I guess organs are always good I guess that’s the song I made on this lovely lovely day.

(Not a Song) out of (Song)
(Not a Song) / (Song)
(Not a Song) divided by (Song) = Less than 0


If you put sheets 0,1,0,2,0,3,4 then add some strings to it it sounds ok I guess… I should post it. And TFB, I’m not reading that…(too long)

TFB shud be a (life ruining scoundrel) Stand up comedian,

I get the feeling you don’t like Verbist’s songs. You should post hateful comments that don’t solve anything and just make him feel bad on every single one of his songs. You’ll seem cool, I promise.

'tis a good idea.

I agree with aliens, you should be the Stand Up Comedian!