19 seconds of DEATH WALTZ (U.N. Owen Was Her? Remix) by Unknown

I only called it ‘Death Waltz’ because that’s the name everyone else knows it as. It is merely just COOL&CREATE’s remix of ‘U.N. Owen Was Her?’ but with a whole lot of notes. People got the name Death Waltz from a bad translation of the remix and called it Death Waltz. It just so happened that the title was similar to ‘Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz’.



Go look at the comments on the U.N. Owen Was Her song. It’s featured.

Maybe you just need to look at the comments here

Maybe you should finish a song first? All you post are 10 second piano clips…


LIES!!! I’ve only posted five 10 second songs out of 38, only half of them include piano. Can’t quite say I’ve finished many (7 songs).

Your taking that one comment way to far…

Continue moar! Nao! This is awesome. I almost cried when sheet 2 came around.

At least have more progress to show. 10 seconds doesn’t really count as a preview, it’s more of a “Oh, I’ll start on this, dunno if I’ll finish it.” I’m not trying to sound condescending, but I think a lot more people will appreciate one FINISHED song rather than 5 10 second songs.

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I still like Ctletin’s verison better XP

but I’ll give this a 4/5

Anyway, it’s name never was death waltz