1k BPM

Erm, it would be fun if we can go further than 999 BPM & since 1k = 1000 BPM if we want to go faster than 999 BPM! What do you think?

Theoretically speaking it can go to infinity, this is just an arbitrary maximum value that I’ve put. V3 might up that limit, but more equals usually to more processing so we’ll see. 999 speed songs sure are interesting.

Yeah, there’s really no point in having anything that fast. You can compose a 1k bpm song with 500, 250, 125, etc.

999 bmp sounds like exactly the same as 1k bmp.

No, it doesn’t. It’s one beat slower. Lol.

if 1k BPM exists in Notessimo, 1500 BPM can exist to.

This. Unless you’re looking to create some absurd speedcore then I don’t think halving the value is too big of a deal.
I’ve seen people smooth out slower tunes by doubling the value, so I’m sure the inverse could work as well.

999 is fast enough for my tastes, TYVM.

Each beat is 0.00006th of a second slower. You should be ashamed.

2k BPM is faster again.

If you think thats fast then 10000 BPM will be fucken crazy!

then its shredding on the Clavinet

You won’t even hear anything if it goes that fast.

you can if you make it quite loud

No, you make the notes long.

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lol dubstep

I do think being able to go up to, say, 2000 bpm would be very useful.

I like to recreate bluesy rocks songs which utilize things like playing quintuplets or septuplets followed by a triplets in one single measure; to complete the measure, as I’m sure many of you other composers know, basic least common denominators must be utilized. However in a song with 130 bpm in 4/4, with both quintuplets and triplets, the lowest speed to fit all the notes in would be 1950 bpm, about twice the max possible speed.

Also, having subdenominations for 32nd notes would be of help, but really I’m just looking for a bpm cap increase, as it helps with creating funky, odd rhythms


Indeed. I never DID finish Rainbow Seas. :|

Lets add some grinding & Tubular Bells at 6000 BPM.

No. Locked.