3/16 over 4/4 drumset poly-rhythm I've been practicing... And failing. by Sihplak

So, this is a drumbeat from a song I’ve been trying to do, and have been utterly failing so far. Thought I’d transcribe it and post it for you all for some reason.

Also, the person who can guess what song this is gets 99 internets.

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I don’t think anybody is gonna guess this song when there is only a drum rhythm.

It’s a pretty recognizable drum rhythm from a specific song I listen to, that I believe hasn’t been used before, as far as I’ve heard.

It’s a fairly unique groove, but if it’s from some obscure band or something, chances are we may not have heard it.

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I bet it’s like the most obvious song, tho.

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One of the reasons I hate these song guessing things.