3 Hands Up Melodies (Fixed edition) by Hellstick Song Guy (Fix Up) He gave me permission to make changes on it...

I wanted to do a Collab w/Hellstick, but he was to busy to do another Collab (Which I can understand). However, He told me that I could make changes if I wanted. So I guess this is sort of a Collab. Lets just call it .5 of a Collab…

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Loved how you used the guitar to support the bass in sheet one. I have never been a big fan of the drumloop#1 though, so im not too keen on sheet 2:/
That being said you actually managed to camuflage it enough in sheet 3 for me to sort of like it. It became more of a background instrument rather then standing out.

All in all the first sheet was the best one in your edit, but you need to remember that the original consisted of 3 diffirent melodies intended for 3 diffirent tracks. If you meant to make a propper track out of this you probably need to settle on a single of the melodies rahter then all three, or at least space them out a bit better. However, if your intention was to add some “fullness” to the song, and remove the awkward blank-space-transitions, then i think you succeeded, although you generally need to add a bit more variation to the beat if you want it to keep being interesting. The kick in particular could use a few hits on the offbeat once in a while.

Sorry if that sounded a bit harsh, but all in all you did a good job on this! I’d say it dif turned out more interesting then the original, and i would probably prefare listening to this one over the one i made.

I like this! Keep it up.