400% volume

How about 400% Volume, to own the haters? It would be Fun :mad: !

We don’t need 400% volume.

no. instead, we could add an accent thing which raises the volume of the note by 50%


That sounds more complicated.

You can also do that manually.

For once, I kind of agree with Verbist. Some instruments are too quiet. a 100% metal guitar is as loud as a 700% glockenspiel.

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Just stack your notes. They get twise as loud.
LOL durp =L

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It’s not the same, Yellowtail. Stacking notes distorts the sound. And some people actually need more than 9 sheets.

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Except he wanted the 400% volume to “own the haters”. q:

A better idea would be to make the volume scroll more adjustable, as in being able to get the odd numbers it bypasses.

Why would it be a better idea? There can’t be much difference between a volume of 250 and 251.

I meant the 5’s.

I thought you meant all the odd numbers, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9?

Yeah, that’s my fault, though there are some odd numbers that the scroll misses other than 5.

In my experience all the odd numbers are usually missed.

Well, my intentions were toward the 5’s.

I’m probably not understanding what you’re saying. It doesn’t matter :}

Every time I see a thread like this come up I think that maybe we should keep a suggestion box topic instead of making 20000 of these things.


You mean a thread, where each suggestion is added to the first post?
Also Starburst said to make these in the tracker anyway.

No, just a thread where people randomly say what they want. They’ll all get lost in the 50 pages over time.