5 Facts about you

Yo guys! It’s me Kebabias,Now here i bring a cool forum game,I’m not sure if that is a forum game but anyways we will start as the Following:

User #1:

1. You’re reading this post.
2. You’re saying in your mind (“How about i add a reply?”)
3. You’re trying to figure out some facts.
4. Your name is not always the Same.
5. And finally you’re just saying that this is not bad at all.

User #2: (You need to correct the Facts for example as below)

1. True.
2. True.
3. True.
4. Sometimes. So it’s a False and True.
5. True.

So that’s how you play the game!

Now i’ll start!

Fact #1: You’ve read all of the above (that’s possible).
Fact #2: You understand the game.
Fact #3: Your trying to find 5 cool facts from somewhere.
Fact #4: You’re gonna answer the Facts and write ones from your mind.

How is this different to The Person Below Me?


  1. giphy.gif
    2.I have no I dea what i am doing
    3.I am related to the prince of persia
    4.I own 5 cars,a mansion,
  2. ijust breathed
  1. False

  2. False

  3. True

  4. True

  5. False

  6. This thread doesn’t already exist in a different forum.

  7. This is also not a copy of this thread.

  8. I would not like to sue you for plagiarism.

  9. Plagiarism is a good thing.

  10. Athens.

How was there time to make a topic about fucking soup but not time to lock this?