6/21/2013 Story by Timothy Verbist

Well it’s long ago i made stories so Now the stories are back.

It’s from the summer from last year.

Sheets 0-2 = To Oudenaarde Station.
Sheet 3 = Train.
Sheet 4 = Arriving Ieper Station.
Sheet 5 = Amusements Park Bellewaerde. (i enjoyed the park)
Sheet 6 = Walking thru on park.
Sheets 7-8 = Exotic Restaurant. (prove it on the Steel drums!)
Sheet 9 = Boomerang (Bellewaerde)
Sheet 10 = Rapid Boats
Sheet 11 = Hurracan (then new rollercoaster)
Sheet 12 = Walktrough in Gift Store. (with my Girlfriends from school)
Sheet 13 = American Atmosphere in Amusements park.
Sheet 14 = In train & Coming Home. :cry:

Well, i think i have some sheets sounding like on my TECHNOPOLIS Stories.

On 6/21/2013 i wore a Blueish Hoodie & was long Haired.

I even heared an explosion from a train on the Ieper Station.

Criticism is always welcome so Bear with me.

Sheet 15: ded.

American atmoshere is full of freedom