A cool implementation idea that will never happen


do you only use notessimo to compose?

No. I use my head.

and probably your hands

So pitch bend, basically? I dig it. I dig it a lot.
You kind of already can pitch bend though, although the funcitons usefulness is VERY VERY VERY limited.
In instruments->effects->pitch mod you can change which notes an instruments change between, but the frequency is predetermained and can’t be changed making it very hard to find a useful purpose for the function.
Your suggestion is way better.


Sounds like a great idea!

On rare occasions I use paper.

Pitch bend and slur are a tad different. Slurring is actually something done physically with instruments. What Antonim is suggesting is a glissando. (Slur only plays two notes, Gliss plays all the notes in between). A slur is something we can almost do, but the problem with notessimo is that every note is accented at the start. A slur would continue a note previously, but have no start to the note.

This would be great, I like covering Muse songs and Matt usually does this when he plays the guitar.

Seems cool.

More ideas here.

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