A Simple Techno Song by Technodude

Yep, i made another, the bassbeat & the Drumbeat are Surely Techno-ish, even the reverbs are popular in Electronic songs. Rate,Like & Comment if you want.

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do you know nothing of electronic techno?

Please, i’m autistic!

When i liten to the stuff you uploaded when you first joined notessimo this is def a lot better. You have improved a lot, but you still have a long way to go:
-This song is too repetitive. Remember to spice up your drum beat so it’s not the same throughout the entire song. In my opinion the DX tom #1 doesn’t work well when placed in between the kicks. Especially not when it’s that often. I find that they work better to make drum rolls with during transitions.

-I have noticed how you have been experienting with diffirent volume levels on certain instruments in your recent uploads (the orchestra hit #1 in this case). This is a good thing, and you should keep experimenting till you get the hang of it. Further more, you really should concider not jamming the volume up to 300 on the rest of the instruments. The 300% volume is not too bad in this song, but a lot of your other songs get crippled by it.

-Lastly i will urge you to put a bit more work into your songs before you upload them. You upload a lot of songs, but most of them contain nothing but mesh of randomly placed instruments, or a simple melody played using a single instrument with no echo effects or beats. I’m not telling you to stop making small simple melodies. I’m asking you to concider if people will appreciate the things you upload before you upload them. Keep in mind that a lot of people put a lot of hard work into the stuff they upload. I myself can spent literally hours on a single sheet or two because i twist and tweak the various notes to make them sound as i want them. For people like me it is anoying to have my upload pushed away from the “recent songs” list by other songs that sounds like they were made in 5 minutes.

-I dont see Aliens point. This sounds pretty techno-ish to me and as such i have no inquires about this matter.

I hope this was somewhat helpful. Please take my advice into concideration.

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no excuse, did you have some seizure while making this or something?

oh, Hellstick, you’re awesome, thanks i’ll work harder on my songs.