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that was amazing

In my defense PART 2

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It’s cool.

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i will add some more stuff… NEW STUFF ADDED!

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Judging a song by it’s bass drum? I know why you would do that with a metal song or a dubstep song, etc., but with a TECHNO SONG? The bass drum isn’t meant to be fancy in a techno song, you know…

Not unless you want to make the song more alive. The drums in a electronic song or ANY song need to be worked on as much as the melody, bass, or whatever you want to call a part in a song.

This song has no set genre. Your point is invalid.

He says he doesn’t like the bass drum, that doesn’t mean the whole song sucks…

Well, its to normal and short to say IMO. To see if this will be good we must have pactience. xD

It doesn’t. I love it so far.
But for the sake of criticism, I don’t like how loud the closed hi-hats are and the open hi-hat is soft. I suggest using a different kind of closed hi-hat (preferably #2).
I don’t like how near the end you shorten the note length of some of the electric pianos.

Well it sounds like it would be a techno song, therefore my point is NOT invalid, good sir.



you are about 4 notes off of “Runaway” by Bon Jovi- in the first section

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