A song for a situation

I didn’t think this really was a game… move it if you wish.
So basically someone describes a situation.
The next person has to think of a song that goes well with that situation.
Think of the situation as being portrayed in a movie and there needs music to play while it’s going on.
For example…
A: A runner is dead last in the race and is slowly catching up to the front of the group of other runners
B: Chariots of Fire- Vangelis. A detective is sneaking his way around a crime scene.
A: The Pink Panther Theme - Henry mancini
and so on and so forth.
I’d say lyrics play a big part in this…

A husband and wife get a divorce

I have a feeling this topic won’t be taken too seriously and I can’t wait

Someone gets their meme stolen.

someone drops a fresh meme in the sewer and they cry

A man tries to climb a mountain.

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Krawkyz goes to the store.

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krawkyz gets robbed

A student is whining on how school is useless.

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a dad yells at his son for filling up the computer’s hard drive with midis

When you try virtual reality for the first time.

Timothy misses woodworking

took me forever to find the original of that without fuckin cringy-ass lyrics

Starburst comes back

A young man tries to confess his undying love.

When you see the bully who bullied you when you were younger.

someone steals your pepsi and you go into 2007 overdrive

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You replay an old game and the nostalgia floods back to you.

it’s late af and you just got out of a skype call with someone that’s a sassy asshole

you get a gf


your favorite television series is ending

Police chase on the highway.

this topic is genius Shobaleader One performing - Squarepusher Theme - YouTube

doing homework, but only to discover you have no idea how to do it