A Song I wrote when I was little. by Unknown

What you are about to listen to is the most accurate cover of one of my songs I wrote when I was little. (not on notessimo) :) I thought I was the best singer ever.

And yes, this is how the song went, and I thought it was the best song ever. I really thought I was awesome when I was little. :P I don’t sing anymore. I don’t want to. I’m not the best singer. :(

Enjoy, though!

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Here are the really really really really really dumb lyrics. AT THE END OF THE DAY, THERE’S SOMETHIN’ NEW, BABY! SO WHY DON’T YOU CALL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! x∞



i should post a song i made when i was younger.
oh gosh.

I actually didn’t make THIS ACTUAL song on here. It was just a thought in my head. I didn’t even know about this site at the time. I just remade it today.

i know.
the one i’m going to post [hopefully] wasn’t made on here either. it was when i had a little toy keyboard and i was dumb.