Acoustic Curves (From Animusic) by Wayne Lytle arr. Song Guy

This song was on the first Animusic DVD
(I did not do the first part of it because it is pointless)
Here is the video:


I love Animusic!


Animusic for the win!!!.. Nice cover


Did u hear that the producers of Animusic are finally almost finished with Animusic 3
Its about time

Well done, Song Guy & if you take requests: how About Future Retro from Animusic?

Funny, I legitly was going to do Future retro as my next song.
what a coincedence

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THEFinalBoss did not have anything negative to say, That must mean that this was really good!
(Yo TFB, not that I am trying to be sarcastic, you are just strict on your rating/critique (I think thats how u spell it)/etc.)

I know; I should stop being so strict. And I don’t believe anyone TRULY has anything against me. Some people just don’t know how to take a critique. (Yes you spelled it right :) )
Of course it could be better, but it’s obviously missing portions, therefore you are not completed with this.

Is it easier to make a cover or an original peice?

EDIT: Also, how expensive do you think this equipment is? PBS is rich…

XD Animusic is 100% computer animated :P

Edit: but yes, PBS is rich XD