After I play a song, another song begins

Another song begins after I play a song. This problem occurs after I played playlists for the first time. Can you help me please?

turn off the shuffle button

This is by design, once a song is finished it plays the next one in the queue.

You can click on the repeat button once to change it


It’s hard to see (I’ll change the icon with another one soon) but there is now a “1” inside the repeat button which means the current song will repeat

I have not found that thing.

Should be on the player


It only works when it is in “Unity” mode, when you can see the notes jumping. If you resize the player down, it switches to “html” mode to conserve power with a bare ui. I haven’t yet updated that part with new buttons so until then you can resize it up, click the button, then resize down.

Maybe also some old files in the cache, you can try to clear your browser cache and refresh.

This problem is not there anymore. Thanks.

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