Again by AshleyBas10


This was originally the guitar piece for the notessiband idea.

​The person doing lyrics gave up and it seemed against the idea to have one person do two parts. If anyone fancies doing “vocals” / lead melody over the band version then give me a message. I think it’s surprisingly different, and it’d be a shame if it was never finished.

​And as always piano is the singer … duhh.

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Who said I was never gonna do it?

No one. But it’s a safe bet after a year with literally no updates sent to us.

Good point. -.-

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dang I wish I’d seen this back when it came out! it’s wayy good… kinda sounds like just an upbeat remix of the original song so it’s really surprising!

and yeah, that’s why I loved the original version and wanted someone to take over the lyrics… so good cuz it’s so different