akane-san's song thread(new song cake town)

welcome to this dreary thread
most recent song
String Quintet. 2 “Quandry of Despair”-I really like this one, especially the new harmonic minor scale I tested out for this one.
I do think there are still structural issues and a few transitional issues. so 4.3/5
original compositions-
Synth Quartet- kinda just trying to make a song as fast as I can just for the sake of making a song for once 2/5
Caketown(loop) -hehe I spent a lot MORE time on this song than my others. I decided I should lay off on the really epic like songs and make a song with not as many instruments, and the reason this took so much longer than my other songs is because I had to do A LOT of stuff to add to the quality of the instruments most of which gave me very little gain in quality. 4.0/5
broken T.V.-from what I can tell there are a lot of volume issues and some transition problems 3.8/5
westward exploration-this is probably my favorite song i’ve made so far… but it hasn’t been criticized at all yet. 4.0/5.
icicle yamp- I feel like i’ve rushed on it even though I have spent at least 13 hours on it, which is the average time spent on all of my songs. 3.7/5.
herobrines lair- nothing much I can say about this. it was very empty. 3.8/5.
carnival (loop)- a very repetitive song, that is at an unnecessary high speed. There are also very sloppy rit’s and speed ups. 3.5/5
fat mans day (loop)- although I do love the melody for this song Its just to short for my tastes. 3.7/5.
damant spectrum lullaby- there are a lot of parts in this song that just fall apart. 3.9/5
darkness arising- probably my most repetitive song I have, I just shouldn’t have held onto that melody at the end for so long. 3.2/5
snowy mountain theme- one of my first songs, its very simple but I still like it. Much different structure than most of my songs, more like a rock structure with a detectable chorus. 3.9/5
brilliant surprise- my first song that I made, im kind of on the edge about this song. 3.2/5
[Classified Information] with octo- I enjoyed collabing with octo… although it did take longer than it should have.

everyone has permission to remix my songs.

Drum Roll

Nice songs, they are very unique.
Congrats on the thread as well…

… thats almost the opposite of what thefinalboss has been saying… strange.

You seem to rate yourself harsher than what Notessimo says your at.

naaaah. If anything those ratings are too generous

Good point… they always are

I agree, you are better than you think!

Eh, I just say they sound the same. You use the same techniques for each song. It isn’t bad like my songs, where I entirely change everything and go on some fake “experiment” run that I probably won’t use ever again.

Kamarai, you know what that’s called? Low self-esteem, which is what I have. Unlike teddy’s, however, I rant off about how everyone’s songs are better than mine. Now, it’s time to listen to teddy’s songs. Let me see…

What if it is humility?

But, yeah, Almost all of us have self esteem issues, it seems.

Well we do all write songs with strangers on the internet, thats not exactly the norm is it?

We’re not total strangers.

No, we’re total strangers. (But we’re the friendly kind - with candy!) I don’t know people from my everyday life on Notessimo. Do you? It’s almost an underground community.

bump new song… meh

Love the name change.

What does Akane-San mean?

ill let fire explain it because im to lazy… take it away fire.

Akane means red, but its also a female Japanese name. San is a honorific, like Mr. or Mrs… I have no idea which character they’re talking about, though.

I can;t find the picture. So, I don’t know how to explain it. :\

You seriously need different options on your poll…

Just because your newer doesn’t mean everyone is gonna choose “ultra bad” or something… I myself put you around a 4 out of 5 in the notessimo community.
For now i guess ill choose awesome, since none of the others really describe your song making abilities.