All I want is a good fade in.

So I’m using v3.
The song is in 3/4 time at 163 bpm
In a middle of a sheet, i put in a snare, bass drum, and cymbal patter on repeat until the next sheet. I want part of it to fade in. I’ve tried many different numbers in the “fade in” section.
Edit: I’m trying another method, but any suggestions welcome.

The fade in option only work on notes. If you want the percussion to gradually fade in your best bet probably is to change the volume on each individual note of all your instruments.

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Post the song you’re trying to work on (gives better context).
Percussive samples (like drum hits) are very transient in nature (the volume changes very rapidly, giving that hit sound). Fade-ins are more useful for samples that have sustained volume.
Two suggestions I have for fading in percussive samples:

  1. Commonly people will reverse a sample, often snares. This gives a feel of fading into the next hit and can be quite effective when used properly (in V3, reverse cymbal is an example of this). I don't think you can do this within V3 but if you export the sample you want to reverse you can use Audacity or some other audio editor to reverse the sample. Then you'd just import the new sample into V3 and line it up properly.
  2. Alternatively, you could loop a percussive hit to give it the sustain it needs to properly fade-in. You can do that all within V3, just duplicate the sample and add a loop wherever desired. The upshot with this is that you can put your fade-in into the song and then edit the loop as the song plays to figure out where it's best to loop it.