All My Pride by Keith25, Muci, Dart_ace2ace

This song didn’t originally come from me. I just tweaked it, did some touch ups and lengthened it a little. the original was called “3/4 of a Song” by Keith25 and Muci:
Most of the parts they did, I left alone and edited on different sheets so that I don’t interfere with their ideas as to how it should have sounded. I did however add a name to it. Although it was just the best name I could think of for it I still am kind of iffy about it. Any way’s Hope you think it sounds good. I am open to feedback, and I would love to hear what both Keith25 and Muci think. Thanks for stopping by and listening.


Welcome back, dart_ace2ace!

I like how you tweaked the song!


I liked this, and I could help edit a bit more.

I liked that you repeated the chorus, but the transition from the first one to the second could be changed a little.
Some parts sounds a little strange, but most are minor things. Overall, its not bad.

(and I think the name is good)