All Night by carrot.

It’s finished, so leave your feedback in the comments.

Okay, so this is a house/electronic song, so OF COURSE IT WILL BE REPETITIVE! THAT’S HOW HOUSE/ELECTRONIC MUSIC IS SUPPOSED TO BE. Just saying.


To awesome for words. But im making words for it. How 'bout that?

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This is pretty good, but the melody got a bit stale halfway through. Nevertheless, this is very impressive. Especially the drums.7.5/10


Sheet 18 and 24, wtf?
Transition 21~2 was odd
Sheet 28 was also odd
Sheets 29 and 30 were fucked up.
Sheet 33 was epic, however.
Transition 35 ~ 4 was odd
The repeated Sheet 36…boring…
Did not enjoy the ending

“Sheets 29 and 30 were fucked up.”

Wow, never listen to glitch don’t you.

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Very nice, but i might not like the ending, but you are doing good!

I was trying to make dubstep :3.

And I didn’t want to make an abrupt ending.
Thanks anyway!

29 and 30 sounds like shit.

Anyways It sounds good

Why cant we just listen to music?

Didn’t you read my post?

I was trying to make dubstep. Do you not like dubstep?

What do you mean? It’s better to comment on it.
And great song carrot.

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Ok everyone… 29-30 sounded “off” (notice the quotations) its dubstep… those are supposed to be the “sound-effect” things. So really those sheets are fine for dubstep. (if 'yall know what that is).

Transition from 31 to 32… I really didnt like.

Pretty repetitive.

But all around, nice song



I agree with GCVL completely.

Why must we all be hater? " 29-30 didnt sound correct to me " Would have been better to see. I just dont enjoy cruel language

Yes. I don’t like foul language. Especially the f bomb. I don’t mind any other swear words but I still don’t like it.

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^ yes… swearing is not good.

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^^^ (look 3 posts up then read down)

Also, IMO, best transition = sheet 26 into 19… very nice.

you have an amazing talent for dubstep on notessimo that i wish to aquire someday.
please master…teach me your ways!