Alphabetic Posting

A new game, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is start your post with the next letter of the alphabet. So the next post after this has to start with B, etc.


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Crap, man! That had NOTHING to do with anything!

Do try to continue on the conversion, or start a new one.

Everybody: tomorrow I’m changing my name back to ggfchl

Fuck Jon Arbuckle. ggfchl is better.

Ggfchl is not as good as my name.

He’s correct.

I’m always correct.

Just created a new song. check it out

Killing is VERY VERY wrong. Oh sorry, wrong thread. La Bamba is going well.

…La Bamba se necesita una poca de gracia.una poca de gracias para mi para ti…

Man, I don’t understand anything you’re saying!

Not everyone can speak Spanish.

Only Spanish-speakers can.

psh. use google translate!

Quick to seek help from technology, you are.


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shiitake mushrooms! what’s with all the irrelevant posting? and by the way, when we reach z, do we go back to a?

edit: fixed my capital letters

TAm I doing this right?