Amazing Indie/ Hardly Known Bands

If you don’t know already I’ve been advertising 3 around a lot and other bands just so I can share their amazing talents in music. Here I will be posting my favorite indie/ unknown bands and maybe a link to a song and genre starting with:

3 - Progressive Rock
Song: ‘Only Child’ from the album ‘The Ghost You Gave to Me’

O.S.I - Progressive Rock
Song: ‘Wind Won’t Howl’ from the album ‘Fire Make Thunder’

Ra - Rock
Song: ‘Supernova’ from the album ‘Black Sheep’


Parliament for Owls - Rock?(Maybe alternative)
Song: ‘The One I Love’ from the album ’ Crow’

Kubbi - Chiptune-ish
Song: ‘Careless Whisper | Chiptune cover’

Hurts - Synthpop?
Song: ‘Illuminated’ from the album, ‘Happiness’

Cartrox - Everything electric
Song/set: Piano

Black Veil Brides…?

Yes, because Indie/Hardly known bands get 10,000,000 views.


Yes, but not many people know them… or so I’ve heard…

Local Natives was my thing for a few days.
Also, Parliament of Owls.

You suck at this.

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Hmm… I COULDN’T mean the one saying that Skrillex is indie or “hardly known.” No. That would make too much sense…


I’ll post a reply of other songs from these bands so I don’t fill the main post with 2000 songs from the same band:
3- ‘The Ghost You Gave to Me’ from the album ’ The Ghost You Gave to Me.’

O.S.I. - ‘Album Sampler’ from the album ‘Fire Make Thunder’

O.S.I. - ‘Radiologue’ from the album ‘Blood’

Parliament for Owls - ‘My Hateful Wrists’ from the album ‘Crow’

Kubbi - ‘Up In My Jam (All of a Sudden)’ from the album ‘Gas Powered’

3- ‘Lexicon of Extremism’ from the album ‘Revisions’

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O.S.I. - ‘Invisible Men’ from the album ‘Fire Make Thunder’
Please take the time to listen to this masterpiece.
And do something about that annoying alien.

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Everything I listen to falls under this category.

Death/Black Metal
The Legion: Horror Vacui

Prog-Metal or something
In The Woods: I am your flesh

Hey, how about that cartrox guy? Have any of you guys heard of him? Just kidding. Don’t ban me! Just making a joke! :frowning:

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Oh… right…

Just added Supernova from Ra.
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Hey, if you guys want to, you can please rate the bands!

Anamanaguchi - Japan Air

FLAOFEI - Made Up Your Mind (Remix)

PlexiTofer - Run!

Aoshi - FluttERR

Mush - Pegasus Device (Remix)