An Escape to Survival by Ellis Kenyon

Hey guys (the very few of you), if you give a rating to me like that 2.00, please tell me why, I want to know what to change! And if you liked anything, tell me that too so I can add more of it, thanks!

Well if you want feedback, you’d be better off posting in the forum.
I liked your song, but it needs work. You’re obviously not a complete newbie as you used good chords and scales and other music stuff, but your song lacks any structure, it just seems like random parts with no relation to each-other. If you look at any other (good) songs here you can see they follow a central theme which repeats. See here, the voxes and strat guitars and drumming repeat at the beginning of every measure almost through the whole song.
Also the melody at the beginning had a bit of an irregular rhythm which makes it hard to remember. Are you using a time signature?
And one other thing: something a lot of other people did (including myself): all your notes are a little too late, ie. the notes should be on the lines not the spaces and the song should start under the “1”.
So it needs some work, I would suggest just looking at music you like to listen to just to see how the parts blend in and which parts that repeat throughout.

I know exactly what you mean! It always sounds off, and I can’t stick to one theme, I hear ya completely! I know I need some work, haha I know that the chorus was coming in a tad late for the repeat, and I knew I should have put it on the first line, but I was too lazy to delete it all and move it back :stuck_out_tongue: It really helps to hear advice from such a pro, I just shared another song, it isn’t that great cause I got lazy (again) and made it really short, but any songs after that, I’d love to hear more critisism! (although I probably won’t fix this one simply because I’m lazy, and hey I can always use it as a mistake reference!)

by the way, I’m having trouble linking sheets, the following sheet comes in a little late, I’ve tried putting the next sheet to start on the very first line, and I’ve tried making the previous sheet’s final note shorter, but then I see people who can skip from one sheet immediately to the next without any short pause! got any ideas?

All your notes are a little too late, ie. the notes should be on the lines, not the spaces, and the song should start under the “1”.
If you move all your notes back by a semitone/16th note the sheets would link smoothly.

thanks and I made a new song [Smooth Memories ( Heading to See my Savior )] and I tried that time to stick to a single theme, it’s short, but I used your advice