Anime Thread

Cool piano song !

I noticed that there were several anime-themed songs posted, so I’m starting a thread specifically for that purpose to help with song organization. I’ll start by posting my most recent song. It’s the 6th opening for Bleach, called Alones.

good job

Just finished this. It’s the 3rd opening song from D.Gray-Man, called Doubt & Trust. Enjoy.

I posted this a while back, but I figure it fits into this thread. It’s a piano arrangement of the opening theme from Elfen Lied.

Fantastic. Left and right thumb up.

I give major props to whoever can recreate the opening of Bounen no Xamdou.

Here it is.


Barasuishou (short)


Bara no Jubai ( Short )

ok i know this fits both here and in the TV. Movies Thread but this style is more anime ish then the one in the TV. Movies thread
Code Lyoko

code lyoko= not anime… made by english ppl

Wow, this thread is dead

Anyways, here’s a song I found lying around in the browse section (WHICH MEANS I DIDNT MAKE IT )

Its a really beautiful piece.

This song is from the anime “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”. I’m moving it here to help with organization.

One of my drafts >_< I was using the share option until I found out that there was a save function. :confused: Also my first notessimo so it kinda sounds strange.

Still, I’m glad somebody actually liked it enough to post it here.

Here’s my final version of that:

Dear you
from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

My final piano-only version of that music.
Fixed the weird non-flat tones. Fixed the wrong notes >_<
It still can’t compare to the original. : /

Hare Hare Yukai
from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Sorry AFB, didn’t know Precision’s song was from an anime.

it’s a good anime, that somehow manages to fit in EVERY anime genre ever. except mecha. i don’t remember there being any mecha in it.
it sounded pretty good precision, just a few off notes here and there. it seemed a bit slow too, but maybe that’s just cause i haven’t heard the song in a while…

it’s one of my favourite pieces from the anime series/movie/visual novel clannad: uminari (which apparently means roaring tide. thanks wikipedia!)

Unfortunately, I’ve never heard that one piece (heh, One Piece lol), Dear You. But that was a gorgeous song wrapped in sadness and happiness. I don’t know how to explain it. It made me think of a sad song, as well as a happy song, is what I’m trying to say. But to me, it felt too epic, too great, to be just that.

very nice pengy, i liked the ending best!

im working on “Bara no Jubai” by Mitsumune Shinkichi from Rozen Maiden.

Damn I should of kept the song Wind from Naruto I made Now it’s lost in the browse section…I can’t find it…