Another Lavender Town Attempt by Me

I tried harder this time, so thanks Ace for telling me about doing covers!

God damn you couldn’t be any further from correct with the synth. It sounds terrible. It’s off, and the sustain part nearly made my ears bleed. Strat notes were off at times. That being said, I liked the clavinet and strat combo, but that’s about it. 1/5

maybe i tried not hard enough -_-

Sheet 0 was good. The synths where not the type of synth you need to add, and the rythym was a bit too high.

You’re doing it wrong. ( ̄ _ゝ ̄)

yours better!

So why did you try to cover it again? I clearly outdid you.

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I think I have a possible explanation for this:
Maybe the ghost in Pokemon R/B/Y finally escaped.

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Okay, remove the synths and you get 4/5, I removed some of them to hear the difference, BIG DIFFERENCE. now, 2/5 the synths make the song sound… Discorded… (I will not make a brony refference…) So remove the synths please. And you’ll get your reward.