Another Orff Instruments Concert by T.Verbist

I was bored so i made a new Song using Orff Instruments.

I don’t really think the Bass #4 isn’t really an Orff Instrument, but some music schools even have an electric bass guitar.

That effect on Sheet 5 = the ruffle on the snare drums.

That effect on Sheet 9 = the Bullroarer.

Xylophone Glissandos & Glockenspiel Glissandos are more common for great Orff Composers.

The Tambourine is even used in the Music School.

Sheet 7 uses Soprano Glockenspiel & Alto Glockenspiel.

Why the Flute #1? There’s still no Recorder.

Why Tubular Bells #1? There’s still no Tryangle or something.

We lack Bongos because the using of the Congas.

I use the volume which is quieter than the one i use. (which is louder.)

The woodblocks are even used because we need more wooden percussions & we lack Temple Blocks.

& we even lack chimes.

tl:dr I hope you enjoy listening to the song & if it lags on your computer, use Old Player.

Wow, this really sounds Chinatown, for some reason it reminds me of the Flintstones. One question although, what is Orff?

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Wikipedia & Google are your friends. :wink: