Anyone Remember Me?

Hey everyone, JMan (or the short-lived Jan, thanks to fishrocker) here. I figured I’d pop by the website again and see what’s up. First, let me say wow. Starburst, the asthetic features as well as the integrated forum are wonderful. Second, keep up the good work on music everyone! It’s great to see where this community is heading nowadays.

Anyway, I have aspirations of coming back and creating music again starting this summer. I’ve taken the last year and a half off to study music at a university here in my home state as well as write and record music with the ska band I’m in. I’ve seen a few familiar faces still hanging around here but if I haven’t yet met you I’m sure I will this summer. Anyway, just the few minutes I’ve spent on here today feel nice and I’m excited to return!


I remember your username, but i think i started getting active around the time you were getting inactive. Either way, welcome back. I look forward to hear what sort of music you can come up with:)

Where have you been, friend? / That is the first question that / Pops into my mind.

I’m not sure if I remember you from when you were active, but I do recognize you from the forums and the songs you made.

So glad you decided to stop by again :slight_smile:

I haven’t had a chance to meet you yet, iirc.

My real alias is Tsukasa. This DOG thing is a joke.

I added you on steam like, last year. PLEASE ADD ME.

Welcome back, JMan1293, i liked you What I’ve done Cover :slight_smile: Well done!

…That is just offence to grammar nazi’s everywhere…

Hey everyone, thanks for everything you’ve been saying! I’m feeling welcome back already. AAAAAND, I have already started composing :wink: So be ready for the debut!

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That was uncalled for. Be nice.

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That was rude. TImothy’s English is quite good, no need to be condescending.

I can’t wait to hear your songs, JMan!

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I wasn’t being mean I was being sarcastically nice…?
because I knew my grammar wasn’t right so it was…


I may remember you from somewhere, but I’m not sure where…

I feel ya. Irony.

I think I remember you.

I remember you. You were pretty popular in around 2007. Glad to see you’re back.

Cool this thread exists, I don’t have to make my own.

I don’t know if anyone here remembers me, and I don’t blame you because I posted like 7 times 2 years ago.
Just dropping by to see how things were going since last time I was here this place was nearly a ghost town. Nice to see Starburst is back and whatnot.
And seriously Tsukasa how many name changes are you going to make?

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I might remember you. My name used to be “xXLink41Xx”. Do you remember me (I bet you don’t)?

Wish I could say I do. I think I only actually remember 3 or 4 people.

Probably won’t be staying here though. Not much reason to, wouldn’t be making anything and I have other forums to be at.