Anything going on at your school/job music related?

I’d love to hear about it! 8-) :D

Well, today there was a ‘lip-sync’ contest at my school. It was kinda interesting watching people pretending to sing. lmao
We even had three judges to try and act like the ones on American Idol. They did a pretty good job with that too. 8-) My history teacher did a good impression of Simon.

At my school we’re doing a thing called seneca idol… but it’s not just one person singing. I heard there was a quartet. 8-)

lmao! That sounds kinda…interesting.
Let me know how that works out lmfao

yeah at my school the 29, there is a “ESM District Wide Concert” where all the schools in the district come to play

Wow. That sounds pretty neat.

at are school a class are learning to play muisic insruments last year it was brass this year its lots of difrent ones but for last years brass its a brass club

gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! BAD GRAMMER… SRY but a class ARE… at ARE school!!!

When I see something like that, I just stop reading. I am nearly positive that anything contained in such a sentence is not worth the effort of translation.

Also, it seems splat’s not the only one with grammar problems.

hmmmm… Seems that my sister has been on my account again.

every two weeks at Thousand Oaks High School
104.7 Hip-Hop E-mas comes out to our school with Dj Oggy
for those who know who im talkin about.
those that dont Click here

Im sorry but I would hate to go to your school. I hate Rap!!!
I must drown it out with my Metal

lol 104.7 here is country

well its not only Q 104.7
there is also 103.3 The Vibe
DJ Money
and every year we host battle of the bands.

we have battle of the bands here too

Band started at my school, and I’m gonna try to play bass.
I usually play drums, but there’s a lot…and they’re better than me haha.

Hey. Thought I’d bring this thread back to life after 3 months of recession.
Speaking of 104.7… here it is classic rock.

Nothing musical at our school really happens outside of our band and choir programs.
Except for the talent show. It is mostly music.

I was recently in a symphony concert, a jazz concert, performed in a parade, and may perform for an elementary school… In only 2 WEEKS!!!

I got to perform at The Ohio State University’s stadium with my marching band in October.

My Band was going to perform at the Orange Bowl but we had to go to Virginia instead due to gas prices… AND THEN THEY DROPPED!!!